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Peter SchubertPeter Schubert was born in 1947 in Paderborn / Germany.  He always was interested in drawing and painting since his early childhood , this was intensified later at school.

1957 he moved to Paris, visited the international school and for the first time he had the chance to visit the large museums and art exhibitions. In spring of 1976 he moved to Berlin with his first wife Anna and his daughter Nicole where he lived for the next 25 years in the well known  “Potsdamer Straße” , directly at the "Potsdamer Platz". In the end of the seventees, he started painting with his first drawings and collages and in the beginning of the eightees he started to show and later then issued his work.

He is an autodidact.

Starting from 1980 he made his first journeys to Greece, and this was the beginning of his love for the greek islands. There he met some quite interesting artists. 1996 he met his second wife Karin in Greece and moved to Denmark, where he got married in 1997 in Soro.

Here he had a workshop as studio and operated constantly there. In 2001 Schubert moved to bornholm, a famous island for artists, where he still lives - he converted a timber building on his property as studio and workshop.

People who like his art, can view and buy his pictures here , or simply watch and enjoy!

The gallery is opened from june till october.

The painting and the screen end art became the most important constituent of his life. He finally arrived.